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Our Daily Guide To NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2019

We appreciate that there’s a lot going on for NEoN digital arts festival this year! It’s part of the reason we love it, but it can be daunting. So here’s a day-by-day guide to our festival. We couldn’t include everything, but hopefully this will help bring some structure to your NEoN experience this year!

Monday 4 November

First day of the festival! If you’re free during the day wander along to the Wellgate Centre for the ‘Remake:Resist‘ exhibition, and pop into the Activity Room to say ‘hi’ and learn more about our festival. In the evening, although it’s sold out, if you’ve got your ticket we’ll see you at PechaKucha at Dundee Rep, where Martin Zeilinger will be discussing his online exhibition for NEoN “Sous le web, la plage! – which is now live at Maybe check it out on your laptop when you get home?

Tuesday 5 November

It’s Bonfire Night so we appreciate you may already have plans, but if you’re in the city centre make sure you vote in Steve Lambert’s interactive sculpture ‘Capitalism Works For Me! True/False‘ which will be outside the Steeple Church for the duration of the festival.

Wednesday 6 November

Our ‘Re@ct: Social Change Art & Technology Symposium‘ starts today! And there’s lunchtime actions too as part of our ‘Street Talks‘ series – with Luisa Charles and Elke Reinhuber discussing how urban environments can be more accessible at Slessor Gardens at 2pm. In the evening we’ve got our ‘Artists Shorts‘ film screening programme at George Orwell,  a chance to see some of our favourite short films on this year’s theme of ‘react’.

Thursday 7 November

During the day come down to West Church on the Perth Road for more Symposium related goodness as well as the ‘A Case For Play‘ workshop and performance, which will involve making a 360 film across the city so wear something warm! In the evening it’s our annual ‘NEoN Walking Tour‘ where we take you along to Generator Projects for the complimentary exhibitions ‘Genetic Automata and Sensor‘ (as well as some yummy grub), before we check out our poster exhibition ‘Taking (to) the Streets‘, then over to the Wellgate to step onto the Travelling Gallery bus for Alex Finlay’s ‘Day of Access‘, and finally some drinks at the ‘Re:make/Re:sist‘ show. Not to be missed!

Friday 8 November

Last day of our Symposium. Around lunchtime we’ve got the ‘6 Weeks in Kyiv‘ performance at the Wellgate Centre from 1-1.30pm, where you can also see Julia Schicker’s film ‘Utopia Generator 1.1‘. While you’re in town pop into The Bach to play IP Yuk-Yiu’s game ‘To Call A Horse A Deer‘. In the evening we have another event that’s sadly sold out, but if you have your tickets we’ll see you back at V&A Dundee for an Atmosphere screening of the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner, which is set in November 2019!

Saturday 9 November

It’s Workshop Saturday! From ‘Planning Your Climate Change Future‘ with Johanna Hoffman, to Zoyander Street & Jennifer Booth’s queer-empowerment workshop ‘Cis-Penance‘ there’s something for everyone. All workshops are free and we’ve put together a dedicated guide for you at In the evening the place to be is Church on Ward Road, where we’ll be dancing the night away with Field Music and other acts at our annual NEoN at Night party. Tickets are still available so get yours now!

Sunday 10 November

Are you exhausted? We’re exhausted. But before we pack up and go home we’ve got one more important event – Change:Debate, a free day-long workshop from Saoirse Anis (who curated the ‘Genetic Automata and Sensor‘ exhibitions) about how Dundee’s creative institutions can better support artists of colour. Remember to book and bring a laptop.

And that’s our daily guide to NEoN digital arts festival 2019! There’s things we couldn’t fit in though, so please take a moment to look though our programme at We can’t wait to see meet you!