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Green Arts

Environmental Policy

NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO) is proud to be part of the Green Arts Initiative, an interactive community of Scottish arts organisations working to reduce their environmental impact. Run by Creative Carbon Scotland and Festivals Edinburgh since 2013, the Green Arts Initiative supports Scottish arts organisations to be at the forefront of growing an environmentally sustainable Scotland.


Mission Statement

NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO) recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

NEoN wishes to minimise the adverse environmental impact of its programme, better manage its resources considering environmental impact, to promote environmental best practice procedures throughout the organisation and contribute generally to the improvement of the local, national and global environment.

NEoN shall endeavour so far as it deems reasonably practicable to:

Aims and Objectives


Energy and Water

Office Supplies


Maintenance and Cleaning

Monitoring and Improvement