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NEoN was first developed with Interactive Tayside in 2009 to promote digital media activity in the North East of Scotland. With a focus on moving image, music and information technologies, the festival offered talks, performances, screenings and exhibitions that expanded the notion of art, information communication, media production and game design.

Still going strong NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO) aims to advance the understanding and accessibility of digital and technology driven art forms and to encourage high quality within the production of this medium. NEoN has organised exhibitions, workshops, talks, conferences, live performances and public discussions and established itself as a platform to showcase national and international digital art forms. By bringing together emerging talent and well-established artists, we aim to influence and reshape the genre.

Check out our archive and see what we have been getting up to...

Photographic archives can be viewed on our Flickr account

Videos are available via YouTube and Vimeo
  • NEoN 2009

  • NEoN 2010

  • NEoN 2011

  • The NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2009 was the first of its kind in Dundee and thanks to its success, started what would become an exciting yearly event.

    Theme 2009

  • NEoN digital arts festival 2010 adopted the theme of ‘character’ and featured appearances from Akinori Oishi and Pictoplasma, with contributions also coming from EIDOS and tDR. Running from the 8th until 14th of November, the festival consisted of talks, workshops, exhibitions, screenings and performances at many of Dundee’s cultural, business and public spaces, including the city’s Centre for Excellence.

    Theme 2010

    Programme 2010
  • For the third consecutive year, NEoN transformed Dundee into a digital paradise. With a series of film screenings, live music, DJ performances and workshops, NEoN’s goal was to create works of art that couldn’t have existed before the computer age and we think it was very successful!

    Programme 2011
  • NEoN 2012

  • NEoN 2013

  • NEoN 2014

  • NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2012: Investigating, encouraging and exploring the movement between the physical and virtual environment.

    NEoN returned to Dundee this November featuring moving image, performance, music and technology-driven arts. This year’s theme involves exploring movement between physical and virtual environments.

    Theme 2012


  • In the context of the changing landscape of Dundee this year’s NEoN festival will be exploring the ‘spaces in between’. As we move out of the industrial unionised landscape and create collective cultural cities we will be exploring the space and balance between historic fabric, urban planning and ‘progressive’ design.

    Theme 2013

    Programme 2013

  • Entering its 6th edition the NEoN festival of Digital Arts asks, how do you ensure your story is remembered in the future? One tactic is to share it more widely. With a theme of FUTUREPROOFING, this year’s festival looks back across the recent history of digital art at the same time as it tries to share its support for digital art production more widely across Dundee. This year’s festival includes exhibitions of work by international artists, screenings, a mini-symposium, artist talks, workshops and closing night party to which you bring your own digital content and projector.

    Theme 2014

    Programme 2014

  • NEoN 2015

  • NEoN 2016

  • NEoN 2017

  • NEoN, Scotland’s only digital arts festival, is heading North East of North Asia to bring the best of digital and electronic art from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan to the city of Dundee from the 8th-14th November 2015.

    Theme 2015

    Programme 2015

  • NEoN brings a new media and digital art perspective to Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, by considering these real and virtual environments. International artists will explore and respond to the festival theme and consider alternative uses and futures for ‘The Spaces We’re In’, both virtually and materially. Dundee has always been a city in transition, and the digital media sector continues to be an important part of that reinvention.

    Theme 2016

    Programme 2016

  • Media Archaeology
    NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017 
    7th-12th November 2017, Dundee

    In 2017 under the theme of Media Archaeology NEoN presented its 9th annual festival across the city of Dundee during 7th-12th November 2017.

    Theme 2017

    Programme 2017 

  • NEoN 2018

  • NEoN 2019

  • NEoN 2020

NEoN 2021

Wired Women*: Bridging the Digital Gender Divide 

Under the theme ‘Wired Women*’, NEoN will look to address the digital gender divide and highlight the contribution of female and nonbinary artists in shaping the digital and technology-driven arts sector. Over the next 18 months, NEoN will deliver its pop-up programme and a 4-day festival, both being a hybrid mix of online and physical exhibitions, interventions, performances and talks celebrating new and past works by women and nonbinary artists. 

* Inclusive of Trans and Intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of women.

Theme 2021

Programme 2021