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NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO) aims to advance the understanding and accessibility of digital and technology-driven art forms and to encourage high quality within the production of this medium. NEoN has organised exhibitions, workshops, talks, conferences, live performances and public discussions and established itself as a platform to showcase national and international digital art forms. By bringing together emerging talent and well-established artists, we aim to influence and reshape the genre.

Going forward NEoN will be refocusing its festival and pop up programme, with the aim of reconsidering our place and purpose as an organisation; a time to take positive, meaningful action. We will redesign our programme, policies and framework and rethink ways in which communities and people with diverse lived-experiences can meaningfully engage in the governance and programming of NEoN. Our aim is for NEoN to be more responsive to, and supportive of, diverse grassroots artists, groups and communities.

Working in partnership with artists and other appropriate stakeholders, we will interrogate our normative operations and make any necessary changes. In particular, we will make changes to better define and reflect our equality, diversity and inclusion goals.

NEoN is very excited to embark upon a new chapter and find creative solutions in this period of transition. We will embrace artistic practice and continue to use our organisation and its platforms to explore and commission new and exciting digital and technology-driven art forms.

Best Wishes from the NEoN Staff and trustees

Meet the team:

Donna Holford-Lovell, Director - Donna has been with NEoN since its conception in 2009. She co-founded NEoN with a small group of artists to promote digital media activity in the North East of Scotland. Over the years Donna has successfully developed NEoN as a lead organisation in its field, that contributes to international discourse and helped it secure RFO (Regular Funded Organisation) status from Creative Scotland. NEoN is currently the only RFO in Creative Scotland's portfolio dedicated to digital and technology-driven creative practice.

Sabrina Logan, Development Officer - is an experienced community development officer, with a deep interest in expanding the accessibility to the arts. She has been involved in the charity sector in Dundee for over a decade, continually building networks and community outreach. After graduating with a degree in Computer Arts, she continued to be involved with the Bengali Arts community, working for the Dudhope Multicultural Centre, and with Amina MWRC. Sabrina co-authored and ran the Trainee Tour Guide Programme, in partnership with V&A Dundee; a project instigated for their official opening. V&A Dundee and Amina partnered to recruit and train Muslim, Black & Minority Ethnic community members to become Tour Guides for the V&A Dundee. Sabrina now leads on NEoNs outreach programme, focusing on community networks and women’s digital lives.

Ailie Rutherford, 2021 Curator & Artist - is an artist-activist and freelance curator working at the intersection of community activism and creative practice. Her collaborative artworks bring people together in conversations about our social and economic landscape. She is currently working on String Figures (with Bettina Nissen and Bob Moyler), new collaborative software for collective working centred on the principle of mutual care and cooperation. Adapted from a print-block mapping toolkit designed by Ailie for her feminist economic work, The People's Bank of Govanhill String Figures allows local and trans-local collectives to collaborate in a non-profit online space, building de-centralised support networks through encrypted visual diagrams.

Prof Sarah Cook - a curator of contemporary art, new media art historian, and Professor at the University of Glasgow, was from 2013 to 2019 a co-curator of NEoN and founder and chair of NEoN’s annual symposium. Currently Sarah is leading on the Digital Residency New Forms of Togetherness – a cultural collaboration between the Goethe-Institut Glasgow and the Alliance Française Glasgow (together with the Institut Français d’Ecosse). She is also primary supervisor on the SGSAH Collaborative Doctoral Award with NEoN: Valuing festivals as incubators of digital creativity – capturing the process of commissioning and presenting digital art.
The Trustees 

Andy Robertson - Andy is a community worker, designer and artist living in Dundee. Working as Creative Arts Lead for Hot Chocolate Trust, a charity that engages, builds relationships with, and grows community with young people, supporting them on their own terms.  His role there includes partnering with the creative and cultural sectors to bring high-quality opportunities to those that are often marginalised and face significant barriers and using the arts to support young people around mental health and trauma. Andy is passionate about the interplay between design and community - both in terms of the positive social impacts that good quality creative engagement can enable, and the need for design to be rooted in real-world needs and demands of the contexts in, and people for, which it exists. As an artist, Andy is interested in the spaces between possibility and impossibility, reality and imagination, known and unknown, ordinary and extraordinary. 

Ben Jack Robinson - Ben is an artist and writer based in Dundee, Scotland. He was features editor at the Yuck ‘n Yum art zine and is on Twitter @benjackrobinson. His writing has been featured in X-R-A-Y, Silent Auctions, Terror House and the Tiny Seed Journal.  

Jen Southern - Jen is an artist, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art & New Media at Lancaster University, and an Associate Director at the Centre for Mobilities Research. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for over 25 years and specialises in Art, Technology and Mobilities Research. 

Jessica Armstrong - Jessica is a Project Manager and Creative Producer. She works as a freelance agent based in Edinburgh working with clients and partners from across industries and sectors, including the creative industries and academia; working with themes of digital, data, research and technology; and with micro-businesses, SMEs and corporates. She strives to enable, empower and mentor growth and leadership. Her work supports creative practitioners, professionals and those with aspirations to do not only new or more but also different. Jessica helps them to design and deliver strategies to achieve their mission and vision. Jessica is also an active contributor at Creative Edinburgh, supporting the CE team, the organisation and its members as the chair of its Steering Group. She volunteers with Scottish based charities Move On and the Super Power Agency.  

Natallia Nenarokamava - Natallia is a Digital Account Manager at Cast From Clay, a London based agency that works with NGOs, think tanks and policy experts to shape conversations that strengthen democracy. She previously worked as a campaigns editor at Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and as a freelance curator. In the past Natallia has developed and implemented strategic digital campaigns on a wide range of topics, including political, human rights, climate, science, education, art and culture. 

Quintana Beattie - Quin is currently in education. They decided to become a NEoN trustee member because they feel it would be a great opportunity for them to get a real insight into how a business works. Catch Qins excellent Pecha Kucha talk here  

Rebecca Rodgers - Rebecca has worked in the Events Industry for well over a decade, focusing on large-scale high-profile cultural and sporting events.  Rebecca has an extensive operational background, creating and delivering key logistical and resourcing plans for events such as the opening of V&A Dundee, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, and the launch of Event Scotland’s ‘Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design’, Hinterland (NVA) Rebecca currently works at Dundee City Council as the Events Officer, delivering key council events including public Fireworks Displays and Christmas Light Nights, as well as welcoming and facilitating event organisers who use Dundee’s parks and public spaces.    

Zoyander Street - Artist-researcher and critic working at the fringes of indie videogames for almost a decade. My practice focuses on videogames but also involves other forms of media art and (mis)uses of technology. Led by ethnographic and historical research, I create lo-fi glitchy games and custom hardware for festivals, galleries, and museums, using interaction design to harness the expressive potential of audience participation. After becoming increasingly sensitive to the limitations of linear text, I began exploring interactive and tactile mediums of communication, in order to surface ambiguity and allow the mess to stay messy. I like to work with toxic garbage, be that through recycling old computers that were destined for landfill, or through recontextualising trauma.