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10 Years of NEoN!

Almost a decade has passed since the first NEoN Digital Arts Festival, so as we prepare to welcome artists and makers from across the world to our fair city of Dundee we decided to also take a look back on ten years of digital art festivities. NEoN – which stands for North East of North,

Interview: I.D Password (IDPW)

As our NEoN 2015 festival is in full swing this week, we decided to give you all a sneak peek at one of our events, by interviewing the group IDPW who are working with us to produce our Internet Yami-ichi on Saturday 14th at Bonar Hall between 2 and 6pm. A Yami-ichi is an internet black

Curating digital art at DARE

As part of our pop-up programme, we are collaborating with Abertay University to co-curate a space at DARE, the biggest indie games festival in the UK. The NEoN team will present digital artworks by UBERMORGEN and Groovisions that reflect the theme of this year’s festival – ‘North East of North Asia.’ This will serve as a

NEoN teams up with Onpa for ‘North East of North Asia’

  NEoN is pleased to announce it’s working with Japan based New Media Arts team, Onpa who are our festival partner helping us to deliver this year’s theme ‘North East of North Asia’. Independent curator and arts manager, Habu Kazuhito, founded Onpa in October 2001 in Frankfurt, Germany, originally as a music label. In its