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Parasitic Lifespans – Jen Southern and Rod Dillon Co-Commission

NEoN Digital Arts and the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research are pleased to announce the co-commission of a new digital art work by artist Jen Southern and scientist Rod Dillon. The work will launch in Dundee and online in November 2018, as part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival under its theme of lifespans. Considering the

AL and AL talk science fiction, homophobia, hating the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’

Al Holmes and Al Taylor, known professionally as AL and AL, met in the last 90s and started making films together after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Through experimental and surreal films they explore science fiction and the possible futures promised within the genre. Blogger Ana Hine caught up with them to chat about their

10 Years of NEoN!

Almost a decade has passed since the first NEoN Digital Arts Festival, so as we prepare to welcome artists and makers from across the world to our fair city of Dundee we decided to also take a look back on ten years of digital art festivities. NEoN – which stands for North East of North,

NEoN Podcast – Digital Museum

NEoN would like to thank everyone who took part in its second NEoN Debate on the topic of the digital museum. The debate looked at how museums are embracing developments in interactive digital media in order to keep their existing audience, and how to engage with the new techno savvy  21st century audience. Check out

NEoNs new design

Sooper Double D does it again ! Here is NEoNs delightful new design. You may have noticed that Lyall (Sooper DD) specialises in the characterisation of sea gulls! Now he tells us that he dislikes the species and that he has no connection to the SAS (Seagull Appreciation Society) however I have noticed him developing

TADO Cityscape

In collaboration with Akinori Oishi, TADO are working on a collaborative commission that will change the landscape of one of Dundee’s main shopping streets. Venue: Union Street Date: 8th-14th November 2010 Time: 24hr