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Interview with Holly White

The Wired Women* programme at this year’s NEoN festival is working to examine both the digital gender divide as well as the contributions of female and non binary artists in shaping digital spaces and online experiences. As a part of that programme, Holly White, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow, will be exhibiting a computer

Dundee Design Festival

Creatives have descended upon the Keiller Shopping Centre for Dundee Design Festival. The space has been transformed with 14 unique activity centres including a photography booth, a temporary studio, a library, and various areas to play and learn about the intricacies of design. The festival has been produced by design firm Agency of None, made

Review: ‘Being Radiotropic’

Unfortunately the day I visit Tega Brain’s exhibition ‘Being Radiotropic’ there’s a new moon and I can’t connect to the WiFi. The frustration I feel is immediate and slightly embarrasses me, surely I can exist without internet access for a little while? Luckily, there’s a peace lily that is giving off a strong enough signal

7 Years of NEoN

As we’re letting our creative juices flourish behind the scenes to plan NEoN 2017 and beyond, we’re reflecting back on NEoN’s evolution. Having successfully executed 7 thought-provoking festivals and delivered an exciting series of pop up events, we felt it’d be brilliant to round up 7 installations, exhibitions and celebrations we’re proud to have under

inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2015 in New York

inCube Arts have just launched their second edition of inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2015 in New York this week. Organized by Chen Wei-ching, Joanne and curated by Wang Chun-Chi, Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani and Carol Yinghua Lu, the festival aims to continue its mission of exhibiting time-based art with perspectives from Asia. Three exhibition venues bring the Asia-based artists’ works together in New York. Retina of the

The 16 year old looking to make a career in GIFs

In case you couldn’t tell, we love GIFs at NEoN! Not only can the endless loop of images be amusing when they’re clips from you’re favourite TV show or film, but they can also be pieces of digital art as mentioned in a previous post: GIFs as digital art. However, how many of you think about who has