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The 16 year old looking to make a career in GIFs

In case you couldn’t tell, we love GIFs at NEoN! Not only can the endless loop of images be amusing when they’re clips from you’re favourite TV show or film, but they can also be pieces of digital art as mentioned in a previous post: GIFs as digital art.

However, how many of you think about who has actually made a GIF? Much like ‘traditional art’, people can make a career out of their work and digital art is no exception.

Philip Intile, known as Pi-Slices online, is keen to turn his passion for GIFs into a full time career. The 16 year old already has an impressive CV; he’s founded the GIF Artists Collective – a collection of digital artits and was recently spotlighted by Tumblr, the blogging site which is praised for rekindling the art of animated GIFs.

As much as we love GIFs from TV shows, films etc. they are not art and can sometimes suppress true digital art. The GIF Artists Collective wants to change that by showcasing some of the best GIF art that the internet has to offer, developing a growing community of artists and illustrators who make a living from producing GIFs.

Since setting up the GIF Arts Collective, they’ve been taking submissions on monthly themes and it’s attracting more and more attention to the page – so much so that Tumblr gave it a promotional boost by including the URL in its weekly e-mail and it appeared on the trending topics section with the caption: “Without GIFs there would be chaos.”

We couldn’t agree more! Check out some of the work by Pi-Slices and the GIF Artists Collective below.

Other GIF artists worth having a look at include: