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With universities closed, the Abertay Digital Graduate Show 2020 has gone entirely online. Industry leaders offered their advice for students during the virtual opening ceremony on Twitch “Don’t panic, you’re going to be fine” said Robin Lawrence of Pocket Sized Hands, while Eilidh MacLeod of Fortitude Games urged graduating students to; “Just open yourself up to

Abertay Summer Videogames Show

As part of this year’s Summer Of Games, the University of Abertay held their first ever Summer Videogames Show on Thursday 29 August, showcasing the work of their postgraduate students from the MProf Games Development course. Of particular interest, given NEoN’s theme this year is ‘React’, was ‘This Burnt Earth’ by Team 3 – a

Dare Academy Play Party

The standard of games at this year’s Dare Academy Play Party was very high, as members of the public crowded into the showcase event for Abertay University’s annual game design competition. Sundown by Jamhead Games, one of six teams competing this year, allowed the player to soar above a beautifully rendered island landscape as they

The Code Bar: A sneak peek into Dundee Game Design

Interested in getting a preview of game design, made right here in Dundee? It’s actually just one click away on this website called The Code Bar: a bank of innovative game ideas. Who knew? I certainly didn’t, and it’s about time the word spreads. Established by the University of Abertay, The Code Bar provides access