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The Code Bar: A sneak peek into Dundee Game Design

Interested in getting a preview of game design, made right here in Dundee? It’s actually just one click away on this website called The Code Bar: a bank of innovative game ideas. Who knew? I certainly didn’t, and it’s about time the word spreads.

Established by the University of Abertay, The Code Bar provides access to innovative projects created by students in the University. The Code Bar is meant for commercial and educational use in the computer games development sector. But actually, anyone can download a game for free and play around a bit with it.

What’s makes The Code Bar so special? The types of projects that are developed are during Dare to be Digital (a video games development competition) and the Games Development Courses at Abertay. Participants and students are given a blank canvas to create a game with no creative constraints what so ever. Resulting in some unique games.

And, I can tell you, there are quite a few little gems. Take the game Into the Sky for instance, a 3rd Person Combat Game where one glides through the sky on a futuristic aircraft, shooting down other enemy aircrafts. I must confess: I am actually not much of a gamer myself, what I really like is the game’s beautiful visuals. One soars through the sky high above the cloud cover, where clouds reflect the sun’s light ranging from deep purples, to vibrant pinks. Its simply beautiful to look at.

Another one of my favorites is the game Legendary Crusaders, a 2D puzzle game set in a medieval world. Again, I find the visuals really appealing. The game has a pop-up book style look and feel. As the player moves along, important objects will pop up into life. It’s looks like a children’s pop-up book and it made me feel quite nostalgic actually. It is so clever as well.

Anyway, have a look yourself at The Code Bar. Gaming is a large and growing niche, with a massive, very passionate audience. And it’s great that The Code Bar is making it much easier to enjoy these innovative games, developed right here in Dundee.