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On the move again

A Fresh New Community Creative Provision on the High Street

NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO) is on the move again. This time with a passionate group of people who truly believe in the collaborative power of arts and community in all its weird and wonderful forms. Alongside Cake or Dice, Dundee’s community gaming cafe, Dundee Maker Space and many other creative crafters and tech makers, NEoN will be now basing itself at 89 Commercial Street, Dundee – formally the Births, Deaths and Marriages Office where, following on with this tradition, you can still see new projects being born, mistakes being laid to rest and new relationships coming together.

This promises to be an exciting time; with so many creative community organisations joining forces, the new versatile space will foster well-being, creativity, gaming, co-working, and, of course, enjoying some cake. Later phases of development will be to create a quiet sensory space, a well-kitted-out crafting room, hot desk facilities, and even a safe and secure digital infrastructure designed to prioritise safety and inclusivity, a supportive and abuse-free virtual environment for collaboration and learning.

This new venture will enable all involved to expand its offerings and make it directly accessible on the high street. We eagerly anticipate creative interventions, commissions, and interactive experiences alongside artists, technologists, and other creative minds. These endeavours aim to navigate the complexities of our lives while envisioning environmentally and socially ‘just’ high street experiences. Our values and place based approach is integral to our collaborative vision – which at its heart is about giving people the power to engage, however that might be and in a way that safely empowers their voice to speak out about the real things that matter to them.

Creative Community Growth

The Largest Creative Provision on Dundee’s High Street

This exciting venue will include the redevelopment of another 13 rooms in the basement, which will house a dedicated craft room, a meditation space, and a spectacular 12-foot Dungeon and Dragons cave. Plans are also underway to introduce hot-desking facilities and film screening events.

This ambitious project is already generating buzz among artists, crafters, and gamers, many of whom are eager to organise their own events and become part of this burgeoning creative hub. We aim to provide a dynamic and inclusive space where creativity and community can flourish.

In alignment with the government’s levelling-up initiatives and Dundee’s commitment to ‘build back better high streets,’ our new creative community provision is a timely and welcome addition. By fostering an environment that supports artistic expression and innovation, we aim to contribute to revitalising Dundee’s High Street, making it a vibrant and engaging destination for all.

What to Expect

NEoN Digital Arts (SCIO)

This summer, NEoN is excited to unveil its Digital Advocacy programme, focusing on Digital Detox, Digital Security, and Digital Climate Action. This initiative will feature a diverse array of micro exhibitions and installations by Scottish and international artists and technologists. Highlights include large-scale moving image displays in our new shopfront, digital detox sessions, creative break-up letters to Facebook, e-waste robots, and unique jewellery-making workshops.

NEoN’s extended programme is designed to increase digital inclusion and is proudly funded by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). By adopting a place-based approach, we will collaborate with a consortium of like-minded groups and organisations to examine digital inclusion through the lens of women in Dundee, exploring how digital exclusion impacts their lives.

Our aim is to foster a creative and hands-on approach to digital advocacy, facilitating meaningful experiences that make a real difference in the community.

Cake or Dice CIC

From Cake or Dice CIC, the beloved Community Board Game Cafe formerly located in the Keiller Centre, expect bigger and better facilities, improved amenities, and the same welcoming atmosphere you know and love.

The Cake or Dice team is dedicated to fostering creativity alongside fun and being truly inclusive. Their workshops continue to be a cornerstone of their community engagement—safe, supportive, and for everyone. They are meticulously designed to embrace Dundee’s diverse communities. They are run by a collective of highly talented local artists and crafters, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the table.

Whether you’re a budding artist, a seasoned gamer or a newbie, or simply looking for a new way to meet people and unwind, their new space will embrace your needs.

Dundee Makerspace

From Dundee Makerspace (DMS) you will see a new re-energised programme and space to create. Since its inception in 2014, DMS has been at the forefront of making, creating, and upskilling its members by making fabrication and manufacturing accessible to a diverse group of DIY enthusiasts, geeks, and the curious-minded.

DMS is dedicated to expanding creative skills and fostering innovation within the community. DMS will offer a comprehensive range of programmes focusing on DIY fabrication, digital and computer networking, electronics, and coding. These programmes are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels, providing valuable opportunities for learning and growth.

As a member of DMS, you will have access to various creative tools and resources, including woodworking and metalworking machines and tools, laser cutters, 3D printers, large-scale 2D printing capabilities, electronics workbenches, and expert guidance from experienced professionals. Their facility will be equipped to support various creative projects, ensuring that members have everything they need to bring their ideas to life.

DMS’s ethos is rooted in expanding creative skills and promoting a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. Whether you are a seasoned maker or a newcomer eager to explore new technologies, Dundee Makerspace is the perfect place to hone your skills and connect with like-minded individuals.


GlowCrafts, is led by an experienced craft facilitator and a qualified clothing designer, with deep expertise in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and yarn dyeing, GlowCrafts combines creativity and mental well-being in our community.

Having spent years delivering therapeutic workshops for mental health charities, the founder of GlowCrafts has a profound understanding of the healing power of hands-on creative practices. These workshops have demonstrated how engaging in crafts can significantly benefit mental health and overall well-being. GlowCrafts is built on the principles of connection, sharing, teaching, and inspiring creativity in others, believing that such activities are good for our mental health and nourish the soul.

GlowCrafts will offer a diverse range of taught sessions, including weaving, machine knitting, hand-knitting, crochet, patchwork quilting, tatting, thread art, macramé, and screen printing. Each session is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to explore their creative potential while reaping the therapeutic benefits of these crafts.

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