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ReGrowing Digital Arts Webinar Showcase

We are delighted to invite you to the ReGrowing Digital Arts Webinar Showcase at 2- on Friday 20th August, where three short project commissions shall be presented that explored key values and practices for NEoN’s re-emergence going forward. We would very much like your voice in the room.

Friday 20th August @ 2-4 pm on Zoom and Miro

Beatrix Livesey-Stephens will present on developing the Manifesto for Digital Arts Work Placements, which aims to articulate best practices for internships, volunteering, and research collaborations in a way that can help set up and support the best access, the best experience, and the best development opportunities with NEoN and any higher education institutions (HEIs), cultural organisations and individuals across the digital arts community.

Bilyana Palankasova will present a Guide to Best Practice in Digital Arts Commissions, which she has written as part of her collaborative doctoral award research partnership with NEoN and aims to provide a tool to negotiate greater autonomy and developmental support for commissioned artists.

Nathan Jones will present his essay ReThinking Symposia as Systems, which conceptually responds to the various crises faced by a new model for thinking, inspired by the kinds of technology and artistic intervention NEoN has historically championed.

These commissions were developed as part of NEoN’s collaboration with Dr. Michael Pierre Johnson from The Glasgow School of Art’s Innovation School as part of his AHRC-funded Innovation Leadership Fellowship in the creative and digital economy, The Value of Creative Growth. Michael will present an overview of the approach taken to inform and support these commissions, while a final panel discussion aims to enable you to ask questions and explore to what extent such tools and principles should be part of regrowing digital arts to be valued and accessed more widely.

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