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New Approaches

We live in a neoliberal world that requires high productivity in a short period of time, which has the effect of isolating employees and creating work conditions so unrealistic and stressful that burnout is commonplace. This often adversley effects audiences too. For high-quality, fruitful creative experiences, you need time: time for engaging, innovating, experimenting, organising, evaluating, and inspiring.

NEoN is developing a feminist ethics of care approach that challenge these working conditions, in addition to providing a feminist digital infrastructure. We aim to develop and impliment new strategies that emphasise collaborative, collective, and communal approaches. By slowing down and claiming time for collective action informed by feminist theory, we are exploring alternatives to neoliberal models that are fast-paced and metric-oriented.

In order to achieve a balanced art creation and leadership system within the arts, NEoN acknowledges the urgent need to address historical power imbalances. In particular, we will support artists and practitioners experiencing systemic oppression and discrimination, those who sit at the intersections of several minority identities, and those from economically marginalised communities.

Going Forward

Reflecting the diversity and complexity of the digital and technology-driven art scene is a core value of NEoN. We believe the arts can be a powerful platform for social change, and we strive to include a multitude of voices and perspectives in the planning and implementation of our artistic work and operations. Bringing together like-minded emerging artists and well-established artists, we aim to influence and reshape the genre with an organisation founded on feminist values.

NEoN creates opportunities for collaboration and spontaneity and will always push beyond expectations. Our program of international and regional artistic exchanges aims to nurture diverse grass-roots art of the region whilst drawing in the art world’s most unique talent.

We commission and program artists to present contemporary work of the highest quality. International artists see NEoN as a place to create their best work, and emerging artists are enriched by their connection with the programme and other participants in it. Going forward, we will continue to foster a greater critical understanding of the contemporary culture within the context of today’s technology-driven, diversely complex society.

NEoN will be delivering a more caring and sustainable annual programme, utilising many platforms to deliver these aims, including festivals, exhibitions, workshops, talks, conferences, live performances, and public discussions, this will also include commissioning of new work and nurturing the development of ongoing work.

Through an exploratory and accessible programme, our new approach gives us and our audiences a greater critical understanding of contemporary culture within the context of today’s technology-driven society.

Read more about NEoN Digital Arts, Staff and its Trustees.

Image Credit: Get into Tech workshop at THK 2022

This communication has been written by a neurodivergent person. If you have any trouble with the meaning of any of the sentences or words, please do not be afraid to ask for clarification. We appreciate your accommodation towards specific learning disabilities (*SLD).

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