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Symposium Spotlight: Mahwish Chishty

One of the highlights of this year’s NEoN digital arts festival is the Re@Ct: Social Change Art Technology Symposium – a three day expanded programme of international speakers addressing the social and political potential of digital art, taking place from Wednesday 6 – Friday 8 November. In this mini-series of interviews Ana Hine catches up

The Queer Dot: Our Space, Our Experience

The Queer Dot: Our Space, Our Experience at Generator Projects this September is at its core a collective show – with pieces by different artists existing in harmony with each other in a dialogue about what it means to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in 2019. Eleven artists were selected for the show,

NEoN Digital Arts Festival Announces Flagship Artist Steve Lambert

A tide of change is sweeping across the globe — from immigration to the rise in nationalism — socio-political landscapes are increasingly subject to crisis. Unparalleled events such as Brexit, the #MeToo movement and the Yellow Vest Protests in Paris have elicited an unprecedented response as activists and community groups mobilise. Digital and media art

Extinction Rebellion & Dundee City Council

As NEoN’s theme this year is React we’ve been looking at some ways that ordinary people in Dundee are reacting to global political issues like climate change. After an intervention from the local branch of Extinction Rebellion, Dundee City Council agreed to declare a state of Climate Emergency at a meeting on Monday 24 June.