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GIFs in the professional world: The first GIF based documentary

If you’ve read our previous blog post ‘GIFs as Digital Art’, you’ll have learned that this month (June) marks the 28th anniversary of the GIF. It is also in this same month that the first GIF based documentary work was released, creating a fresh perspective of the GIF on its 28th birthday. Tapered Throne is a documentary

GIFs as digital art

Whilst preparations are well underway for NEoN’s 2015 festival, we’ve been reminiscing about our previous festivals. If you attended NEoN 2014, you may have went to Click Click Click – an evening which surveyed contemporary digital moving images practices that span GIFs, augmented performances, green screen keying and more. This has got us thinking about GIFs as

NEoN Exhibition

  Japanese artist Akinori Oishi (Aki) will have his first UK solo show in the Hannah Maclure Centre (HMC) as part of NEoN. Aki is being commissioned to produce new work that will transform the HMC into one of his landscaped playgrounds.

TADO Commissioned

TADO do graphic design, illustration, animation, toy design, and a bit of everything in between. UK-based duo, Mike and Katie, work focuses around darkly adorable characters that inhabit worlds that never stray from their motto: “Smile Happy, Live Long.” Their cute vectorised style has a playfully demented aesthetic that expresses a sense of enjoyment and