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TADO Commissioned

TADO do graphic design, illustration, animation, toy design, and a bit of everything in between. UK-based duo, Mike and Katie, work focuses around darkly adorable characters that inhabit worlds that never stray from their motto: “Smile Happy, Live Long.” Their cute vectorised style has a playfully demented aesthetic that expresses a sense of enjoyment and good feelings.

Monster mushrooms and pirate marshmallows spread love and happiness to the unsuspecting world. Mike and Katie are a busy pair and have collaborated with the likes of Nike, MTV, Puma, Adidas, Vodafone, Elle Magazine, Star Wars, Selfridges, McDonald’s, Microsoft’s Zune, Kidrobot and most recently Gola.

TADO have been commissioned to create an installation for NEoN 10, we can’t wait to see what they make. More on this soon.