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GIFs in the professional world: The first GIF based documentary

If you’ve read our previous blog post ‘GIFs as Digital Art’, you’ll have learned that this month (June) marks the 28th anniversary of the GIF. It is also in this same month that the first GIF based documentary work was released, creating a fresh perspective of the GIF on its 28th birthday.

Tapered Throne is a documentary carried out by Brandon Tauszik which focuses on the black barber community of Oakland, California. Instead of simply filming an interview, Tauszik has chosen to provide aesthetically pleasing GIFs alongside the spotlight and audio interviews making the documentary even more interesting.
The GIFs are produced to an extremely high quality, making the reader forget that these are GIFs and not short videos.
Check out one of the interviews below:

btauszik_brotherscollege_filo_6615                    ms munene


We believe this is a cutting-edge approach to the typical documentary that one would expect. By creating the first GIF-based documentary, Brandon has already peaked interest from individuals and with its serious content, the documentary work is a great asset the GIF artist/photography community.
As mentioned in a previous blog post, GIFs can be taken for granted these days therefore it’s brilliant to see more people using them for art or professional uses.


To check out more of his work (and we recommend you do) go to