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Our Daily Guide To NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2019

We appreciate that there’s a lot going on for NEoN digital arts festival this year! It’s part of the reason we love it, but it can be daunting. So here’s a day-by-day guide to our festival. We couldn’t include everything, but hopefully this will help bring some structure to your NEoN experience this year! Monday

The Queer Dot: Our Space, Our Experience

The Queer Dot: Our Space, Our Experience at Generator Projects this September is at its core a collective show – with pieces by different artists existing in harmony with each other in a dialogue about what it means to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in 2019. Eleven artists were selected for the show,

Review: ‘Flesh and Finitude’

As the frozen faces passed across the screen I felt a profound sense of unease. Though the pulsating heart featured heavily in Caitlin Dick’s work was the cause of the warning signs on the walls, there was something about the faces – some clenching jaws in pain, others silently howling – that really disturbed me.