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How Many Stars, How Many Worlds, How Many Ways Of Being Alive?

As you enter the Cooper Gallery a TV monitor lies on a silk bedsheet, displaying a human figure lying on the same bright red silken sheets staring at the ceiling. Her breathing is the only indication that you’re watching a piece of video art, as her exposed breasts rise and fall.  In knee high scarlet

Patrick Staff: The Prince of Homburg

During ‘The Prince of Homburg’, the central video piece of the exhibition of the same name from Patrick Staff showing at Dundee Contemporary Arts this summer, we’re told that feelings are not a joke, that they shouldn’t be trivialised, that they are, in fact, a matter of life and death. One of the key feelings

Sensatronic Lab’s Digital Drop-In

Half-way through building a keyboard out of tinfoil and insulating tape I realised why the Sensatronic Lab has been so successful; it’s just great fun. I was taking part in a ‘Build Your Own Digital Instrument’ workshop at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) run by Ewan Sinclair and Bal Cooke, part of SENSE Scotland backed project

NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017

We have reached the end of NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017, a programme full of thought-provoking exhibitions, exhilarating performances, one-of-a-kind workshops and much more! All of these unique experiences were tied together by the theme of Media Archeology, so we can’t help but imagine how we will be looking back this year’s happenings… So, here’s