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Guide to the Festival

We don’t want you to miss NEoN this week in the Spaces We’re In – here is your handy day-by-day guide:

Tuesday November 8: Pre festival warm up with Pecha Kucha at Bonar Hall. Hosted by Creative Dundee, this edition’s line up features artists who are part of NEoN’s programme including Dennis and Debbie Club and NEoN co-curator Sarah Cook. Look out for performance and video work by Montreal’s Guillaume Brisson-Darveau and others during intermission and before and after the rapid-fire talks.

Wednesday November 9: NEoN artists will be hosting workshops in the Vision building about buildings, brutalism, and architectural rendering.

Thursday November 10: Exhibition openings 5pm-10pm.

  • Starting at the Hannah Maclure Centre at Abertay University at 5pm, with an exhibition featuring legendary artists Steina Vasulka, Tom Sherman, Willy LeMaitre alongside newcomers Ruth Kerr and Miya Hayashi – “All watched over by machines of loving grace” considers how machines see the spaces we’re in.
  • Then to NOMAS*Projects window space to see the Cloud walks series by Brisson-Darveau
  • Then to Centrespace in the Visual Research Centre of DCA for the opening of Charles Young‘s Paperholm and Stanza‘s Nemesis Machine – two astonishing visualisations – model cities made of paper and circuit boards.
  • Then to DC Thomson’s West Ward Works on Guthrie Street for a large-scale installation of works by Brent Watanabe – famous for creating a deer which caused havoc in Grand Theft Auto; Biome Collective and Joseph Delappe‘s critically acclaimed video game, Killbox, which explores the nature of drone warfare; Linda Havenstein‘s 3G Flatland, a fictional social media traffic tracking system which is used to gain new insights into the population and social structure of cities. Also exhibiting is Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg’s Hotspot Shack, the surface of which features a small housing structure with an interactive projection inside; APO33’s Thêta Fantomes – a multimedia installation exploring the connections between video gaming, art and current neuroscientific ideas; and Aram Bartholl’s new commission for NEoN, an installation titled ‘8k’, a large-scale printed screenshot of a scenic view of ‘Sin City’ from the computer game Grand Theft Auto V.

Friday November 11: Mini-Symposium 10am-4pm at DCA
Featuring keynote talks by Ruari Glynn, interactive architecture lab director from the Bartlett in London, and our own Anna Notaro on the media city experience, this is the chance to hear from many of the artists in the festival programme as they discuss their own work in relation to the concept of found space, mapped space, and represented space.

Followed by an opening at Generator Projects, “Ludicrously Ideal and Beautifully Placed” by Amy Boulton and Lydia Yuile

Then a very special Atmosphere expanded cinema screening of the Disney hit movie, Wreck-it Ralph at the HMC. Prizes for best video game character costume!

Saturday November 12:
A talk in the morning at 11am at LifeSpace as part of the Silent Signal exhibition by artists Genetic Moo ///// A musical performance work stretching across town in the afternoon by Knifeandfork collective ///// The finale performance events at West Ward Works featuring DJCAD’s Gair Dunlop and Adam Lockhart, and in person from Berlin the amazing Yasmin Gate (aka Killerrr) with the interactive visual system designed by Tatsuru Arai

Sunday November 13:
In addition to seeing any exhibitions you’ve missed so far, come along to Verdant Works at 2pm for our Artists’ Shorts programme of single channel works

In other spaces across Dundee this week:
An engaging digital artwork, suitable for all ages featuring a room full of interacting virtual creatures created by award winning digital artists Genetic Moo is in the Wellgate Shopping Centre ///// An opportunity to explore the city through sound with a new soundtrack for iconic buildings of Dundee made in collaboration with local musician, Andrew Wasylyk ///// an online narrative project about cloud computing which fuses together a hybrid between print and web-based work by J.R. Carpenter ///// Sharing not Hoarding – an outdoor poster project on the edge of the newly developed spaces next to the new Mary Slessor Gardens by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg ///// A visit to sites across Dundee from The Travelling Gallery featuring works supported by the Alt-w Fund including Torsten Lauschmann ///// And more!