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SGSAH Collaborative Doctoral Award with NEoN

SGSAH Collaborative Doctoral Award with NEoN: Valuing festivals as incubators of digital creativity – capturing the process of commissioning and presenting digital art.  NEoN Digital Arts Festival (Directed by Donna Holford-Lovell), Prof. Sarah Cook (Glasgow) and Dr. Drew Hemment (Edinburgh) are seeking outstanding practice-based research candidates for a collaborative doctoral award fully funded for three years

Sarah Cook Talks About This Year’s Festival Theme

Coded After Lovelace, 2014 Hannah Maclure Centre  NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017 will expand on it being Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, and through its arts program will unveil hidden histories using the current (and controversial) practice of Media Archaeology. NEoN proposes we understand artists as future Media Archaeologists, as recorders of our