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TADO Cityscape

In collaboration with Akinori Oishi, TADO are working on a collaborative commission that will change the landscape of one of Dundee’s main shopping streets. Venue: Union Street Date: 8th-14th November 2010 Time: 24hr

NEoN Exhibition

  Japanese artist Akinori Oishi (Aki) will have his first UK solo show in the Hannah Maclure Centre (HMC) as part of NEoN. Aki is being commissioned to produce new work that will transform the HMC into one of his landscaped playgrounds.

Akinori Oishi for NEoN 10

Japanese artist Akinori Oishi is confirmed for NEoN 10. Akinori Oishi is a self-confessed ‘drawaholic’ who immerses himself in a landscaped playground where hierarchies have disappeared. Oishi is best known for his typographic language that seem s to have no beginning or end.