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How to make a GIF using GIMP software

Making a GIF can be fun, but a lot of people aren’t sure how to make one. Here’s our handy step-by-step guide, made by our outreach co-ordinator Helen King. GIMP is an open source image manipulation software, which can be downloaded for free on their website at Once you’ve got it on your computer follow our instructions to make a fun and visually exciting GIF:

  1. Select File Menu > Open as Layers > Select all images you want to be in the GIF > OpenStep One
  2. In layers tab order your images > The GIF sequence will start with your bottom layer and run through each layer bottom to top. (I have only used two layers but you can use more)
    Step Two
  3. Select Filters from main menu > Animation > Click Optimize for GIF
    Step Three
  4. To view GIF > Filter > Animation > Playback
    Step FourStep Four Part Two

Press the ▶ button to start GIF.
5. To save GIF > Select File > click Export as

Step Five

  1. Name your GIF and choose folder  > Select File Type > Click GIF Image
    Step Six
  2. Select ‘As Animation’ > Select ‘Loop Forever’
To change speed between each image change the delay Click Export
    Step Seven

And now you have your GIF!

NEoN Gif