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We are open-online|offline

The festival is now underway and we have lots of digital artworks and events for you to enjoy.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival 10th-13th November 2021

Wired Women* 

Under the theme ‘Wired Women*’, NEoNs annual festival will look to address the digital gender divide and highlight the contribution of female and nonbinary artists in shaping the digital and technology-driven arts sector. Our 4-day festival will be a hybrid mix of online and physical exhibitions, interventions, performances, and talks celebrating new and past works by women and nonbinary artists.
* Inclusive of Trans and Intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women.

Our online festival platform launched this morning, starting a new and exciting era for NEoN. We are well known for taking the digital into the physical space, however, this new online platform gives us the opportunity to experiment with a wider range of works in the virtual space, as well as expanding our reach across the web.

Connect here

For an in-person experience, you can catch up at the Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee where you can see INTER/her by Camillie Baker. INTER/her, is a new multi-sensory, immersive VR art installation. INTER/her takes Camille's personal experience and those of other women who have had post-reproductive diseases and pain to create a Virtual Reality, sound, and haptic, fully immersive artwork. The work explores the psychological issues of womanhood and the sense of self. INTER/her is based on Camille's experience and journey through the healthcare system while she was treated for a post-reproductive disease in 2016. The ideas and development of the work emanating from experiencing women’s silence, conflicting information, and inconsistencies in support for women’s health. Book your ticket here

This year artist/curator Ailie Rutherford has co-curated this year's programme and facilitated exploratory workshops. Rutherford is well known for her work in exploring potential applications of new and emerging technologies within feminist and community currency.

We are so pleased to have the following artists joining us for 2021: 

Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle
Padmini Ray Murray
Fannie Sosa
Rosana Cade
Cade & MacAskill
Holly White
Rifke Sadleir
Camille Baker
Helen Pritchard
Femke Snelting 
Shannon McRae
Camara Taylor
Lee Weinberg

Check out the full programme here