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we are NEoN – Clare Brennan

Clare Brennan

I like flashy lights, weird noises, experimental performance and cool interactive things… and I LOVE NEoN! My role within the NEoN team allows me to research and curate a programme of events which explores technology driven arts and digital creativity. I have been involved with the
festival since it’s birth in 2009.

As Curator of the Hannah Maclure Centre (an exhibition, cinema and performance space) within the Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games at the University of Abertay Dundee, I seek to engage our students with the more experimental side of digital. To look beyond the parameters of the monitor and consider how existing hard/software can be picked apart, reappropriated, re-designed to create something new, immersive, interactive, creative.

I enjoy facilitating new collaborations, working with the local community and delivering activities and events which are fun/controversial, accessible/challenging, engaging/unexpected.

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