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The NEoN Volunteers

One of the most important parts of NEoN are the volunteers who are at the festival day-in and day-out making sure everything goes according to plan! Having received the ‘Volunteer Friendly‘ award from Volunteer Dundee, the festival is more than just work experience, it’s a chance for volunteers to gain insight and connections into a whole network of digital art. We wanted to take up some space here to share some of their stories and mention their names. We also want to say the biggest THANK YOU possible to the volunteers for all the effort, passion and commitment they put in.

So, here we go!


Name: Mathew Lornie

Role: helping the public operate the VR displays.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: I volunteered for an event at the same venue a few months ago and had a good time meeting new people, and I wanted to get a good experience with the exhibition of NEoN.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: I really enjoyed seeing passionate people (of all ages) really engaging with the exhibition. There is something special about seeing someones face light up when they try Virtual Reality for the first time.

Whats next for you: I’m a recent Abertay graduate now looking for a job in 3D animation and other similar areas in film.


Name: James Wood

Role: Set up of west ward exhibition and help with running workshops.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: I loved volunteering at NEoN last year and could not wait to be a part of it again.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: I really enjoyed the variety of experiences in this year’s festival and the atmosphere of alternate past/future of media and technology. From the listening cones playing sounds of rough plastic like organic records to the respiratory cryptocurrency at GENERATOR.

Whats next for you: I am back to making games with my two friends at our small company Bit Loom in Biome Collective.


Name: Helen King

Role: This is my second year helping at NEoN, mostly helping with the install, painting, building etc and also invigilating the  show at Centerspace.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: I have just finished my Masters of Fine Art and had some free time so thought helping out would be some good experience of an Arts Festival as well as a chance to see and meet some amazing artists.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: I loved getting to work in and explore West Ward Works, I am fascinated by Architecture so its really interesting working in an old building with lots of quirks and beautiful details.

Whats next for you: I am developing my own art practice, in March next year I am going to Berlin for 8 months for an Artist Residency at the Centre for Art  and Urbanistics (ZK/U)


Name: Majsko Sekula

Role: Stewarding and cleaning

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: It was advertised at my uni and it seemed like an interesting event to help out in.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: Pecha Kucha, NEoN at Night, and Atari: Game Over screening.

Whats next for you: I am studying Computer Arts at Abertay, currently year 1.


Name: Moayed Al-orfali

Role: Chief steward for west ward works – install – de-install – logistical.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: Because of the community and the passion NEoN put into their events and because the NEoN team are cool dudes!

What is your favourite thing about the festival: Meeting and making new friends and learning new things that can help me in my future career prospects and the wide range of audiences you meet.

Whats next for you: Studying events management and working closely with NEoN and other parties within the vision building.


Name: Jasmine Holt

Role: Installation at westward and VRC, invigilation, Activity Room, off-site workshops, opening night/closing party stewarding, taking down show.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: NEoN has been growing every year as one of Dundee’s most accessible, unique festivals. I would like to work in creative events as a full-time career and festivals have an amazing scope for delivering a wide range of activities and experiences for the public to become engaged in.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: The Activity Room. It was such a great space for people to bring their children or meet during the festival to learn a new skill. It allowed us to offer workshops in ceramics at a digital arts festival which no-doubt brought a greater variety of people to engage with our wider offer.

Whats next for you: I am applying for more events jobs in Dundee and further afield while trying to find time for my illustrative practice. Fingers crossed!


Name: Rachael M Robertson

Role: I have been helping out at the VRC Records & Wireframes Exhibition this has entailed invigilating the space as well as helping to create the space for the opening. I also stewarded Neon at Night on Saturday and handed out some flyers.

Why did you decide to volunteer for NEoN: I wanted to take part in Neon because of the amazing opportunity it presented. Getting to be a part of the festival and seeing the inner workings that is behind the scenes is something that is very valuable to me.

What is your favourite thing about the festival: It’s hard to pin point one thing as it has all been really great but I really enjoyed being able to meet some of the artists.

Whats next for you: I am currently developing my art practice at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design on the MFA Art, Society and Publics course. (My website is,


And here are some names of volunteers who cannot go unmentioned!

  • Coleen Gollan
  • Meile Bauzyte
  • Jacob Scott
  • Kirsten Wallace
  • Elisabeth Armour
  • Maja Sekula
  • Toby Jackson
  • Gregor Hands
  • Natalia Pelosi
  • Thomas Wood
  • Darly Cooney
  • Emilie Edholm
  • Bethany Farmer
  • Iona Milne
  • Cara Davis
  • Charis Wells
  • Erin Crossan
  • Susie Buchan
  • Ellen Cruickshank
  • Adie McLeod

Thanks for your dedicated service, folks! See you next year!