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Thank you volunteers!

As this year’s festival draws to a close we just want to take a moment to thank our wonderful volunteers, without whom the festival would not be possible.

Our volunteers help out with all sorts of things, including installation, stewarding, invigilating, and assisting. Out of a team of around 20, there were some real stars such as Alex Rowand, Emma Doctor, Caitlyn Bannatyne, Jek McAllister, Tarka Heath, Lisa Cavell and Saskia Singer.

Helen King, activities co-ordinator said: “The volunteers were fantastic. Personally, I couldn’t have run the activity room or workshops without their help. They assisted with setting up the exhibitions, and generally engaging with the public. We can’t be everywhere at once, so they are often the public face of NEoN and they did a fantastic job in that regard.”

NEoN, which stands for North East of North, has been running for ten years and has relied on volunteers throughout its life. Former volunteers have gone on to hold paid positions with the organisation in areas such as outreach, engagement, and administration.

“I found the family workshops and outreach with young people to be the most rewarding,” said Alex Rowand, one of the volunteers. “NEoN provided many opportunities for me to get involved with this type of work.

“Attending weekly meetings with the team, I was able to assist with some of the promotional work, distributing marketing materials and updating digital content. This has fuelled my interest in events planning and has led to me taking on some paid work for the company as well as other future opportunities in this field.”

For former volunteers it is always worth following us on social media in case any opportunities come up to be involved again. We can be found on Twitter as @weareneon, Facebook as @northeastofnorth and Instagram as @neon_digital.

And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You were great.