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Technology object of the day – Mini Computer

DUNUC 3813, equipment, PDP12 Mini Computer, with original documents (parts list, circuit diagrams, etc). Psychology Collection.

The PDP-12 Programmed Data Processor was the University of Dundee’s first minicomputer. It was a versatile digital computer with two operating modes. On the one hand, the PDP-12 was designed for interactive, real-time laboratory use with its built-in facilities for input/output, auxiliary storage and control sensing of external equipment. On the other hand, it was a general-purpose computer.
The PDP-12 was the University’s first minicomputer and was used from 1968-1981. Until the mid-1970s, the PDP12 was the accepted standard for laboratory control. This version originally had 2Kb of hand-wrapped magnetic coil memory, but was later upgraded with a further 2Kb (the modern PC comes with at least 10Mb). It has some printed circuits, but most of the wiring was done by hand.

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Credit: Copyright University of Dundee Museum Services,