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What’s the point in a roundtable?

When I was in art school, there was a constant push forward towards a new now we were all being asked to co-create. That meant we had to quickly get a grasp on what had come before in order to not repeat ourselves, but we couldn’t linger in that history. We could only dip into

Diversity Is Not The Enemy Of Quality

Diversity and equality, in a city as diverse as Dundee, are still surprisingly undeveloped in the creative industries sector . It is important that the institutions providing platforms for creative workers and artists in the city are able to acknowledge how our processes are still informed by historical injustices which consistently alienate key creative voices,

NEoN Podcast – Digital Museum

NEoN would like to thank everyone who took part in its second NEoN Debate on the topic of the digital museum. The debate looked at how museums are embracing developments in interactive digital media in order to keep their existing audience, and how to engage with the new techno savvy  21st century audience. Check out

Digital Freedom

Our final debate will look at digital freedom and will ask actually what does that statement mean or should mean? And do people know how to protect their freedom in a digital age? As the digital age transforms society we become use to greater democracy and transparency but when they come under attack, who defends

Digital Museum

Public Debate – Technology and the Museum Matthew Jarron ( University of Dundee Museum Services) Rachel Bhandari (Museums Galleries Scotland) Sarah Cowie (East Lothian Museums) Ger Malcolm (Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery) Richard Brinklow (The McManus ) Museums are often seen as traditional, even stuffy, establishments, devoted to preserving the material culture of the past.

Digital Dundee

Public Debate – Digital Dundee Dundee has positioned itself as a modern, forward looking city with an increasing number of knowledge economy workers.  It now has to consider ‘Digital Dundee’ and to identify ways it can harness e-technology to improve leisure, business processes and increase their competitive advantage. Does Dundee need a digital strategy? Should