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Diversity Is Not The Enemy Of Quality

Diversity and equality, in a city as diverse as Dundee, are still surprisingly undeveloped in the creative industries sector . It is important that the institutions providing platforms for creative workers and artists in the city are able to acknowledge how our processes are still informed by historical injustices which consistently alienate key creative voices, and in doing that, learn from the lived experiences of those structures.

Diversity is not the enemy of quality. It is the realisation of it.” 

                                                                 Chitra Ramaswamy

NEoN will host a series of workshops addressing the work that must be done by us, together with Dundee’s many creative institutions, to champion, support and nourish the work of artists of colour. The series will be led and delivered by PoC artists, makers and activists who work in the digital sector to discuss their practice, share their experience of the industry and lead a dialogue about the vital challenges it must overcome.

The workshops are intended to provide inquisitive, challenging and hopeful discussions about the current state of creative industries both locally and beyond – from exploring initiatives that have successfully tackled barriers to representation elsewhere to discussions about how those issues can be meaningfully engaged in Dundee.

The many structures of intersecting economic, racial and gender injustices can seem like an insurmountable issue to be tackled – but for even the slightest change to happen in the industry, we must develop spaces of listening, storytelling, dialogue, challenge and growth. We hope you will join us there.


Our first Change:Debate workshop will take place Sunday 10 November, 10:00am – 5:00pm as part of this year’s festival. For the full details click here.