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The Spectacle Remains

Once the fireworks are over this bonfire night ‘The Spectacle Remains’ at the the Hannah Maclure centre as NEoN Digital arts festival continues. Morgan Cahn has plotted to fill the night with a display of experimental video from 9-10:30. The works will explore the ‘spaces in between’ a array of themes, from humour to terror, to the mediated experience of film itself.

Amongst sparkling new work from multiple local artists will be some impressive rockets from the US.With collaborative projects such as Goatsilk and Sylli G, to outstandingly bright individuals such as Michael Robinson and Peter Burr this is sure to be an international presentation to discover captivating new talent.

Remember, remember, experimental popcorn, bring your own experimental condiment!


Further details and a list of the artist who’s work will be featured can be found here

by Dan Shay