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Solenoid by Peter William Holden

Earlier this year, NEoN announced a call for exhibition submissions for the 2012 festival, specifically for an exhibition that will be hosted by Abertay University’s Hannah Maclure Centre, a unique cultural facility that produces annual art happenings, exhibitions, community and digital events.

NEoN is delighted to announce that German based artist Peter William Holden, well known for his kinetic sculptures performing choreographed routines, has been selected to exhibit at this event. His work demonstrates his fascination with moving imagery and the transformation of objects. He enjoys taking mundane objects and making them into magical moving machines. Another key element includes dance that often also plays a significant role in his work.

When asked about his work, Peter states:

“I’m fascinated by moving imagery and the transformation of objects. I enjoy taking mundane objects and making them into magical machines. I think it all stems from my youth where early home computers of the 1980s gave me a glimpse into the wonderful world of applied mathematics, with codes capable of generating fantastic abstract patterns and sounds. Beginning at that moment in time the boundary between abstract and real was destroyed in my mind.”

“With my work I want to try and capture and consolidate these experiences and produce sculptural installations which appear to have more in common with the silver screen and virtual world of the computer than reality.”

Solenoid by Peter William Holden will open on the 9th November, 6pm – 8pm at the Hannah Maclure Centre and it will continue until December.

For more information about Peters work click here