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Research Placements at NEoN

During the very strange lockdown summer of 2020, NEoN was fortunate to have two recent graduates from the University of Glasgow join us on virtual placements to put their undergraduate degrees into action within our organisation. Allan McCafferty and Nini Huang joined NEoN at the start of June for four weeks to work on a research project. 

Allan focused on curating and managing our vast library of digital assets, whereas Nini’s research skills were put to the test by exploring the possibilities and formats of performance lectures. We thought that Allan and Nini were best suited to telling you about their projects and experience so we will be sharing some guest blogs from them both in the very near future. 

We would like to say a massive thank you Allan and Nini for their hard work, innovative working and fresh perspectives. 

These Research Placements were made possible by Professor Sarah Cook and Wendy Anderson, Dean of Learning and Teaching from The College of Arts at Glasgow University.


Image: Screen grab from research placements presentation.