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Not Totally Digital but …

We thought it was worth mentioning that NEoN Digital Arts has moved banks!! So what?

Currently, NEoN is doing its best to clean up its digital act, see our Counter Cloud Project. Alongside this, it was essential in making more conscientious choices regarding our day-to-day processes. 

NEoN has banked with Santander since it officially constituted as a charity in 2012. They offered the best rates and gave us access to great online banking management. We joined having made no consideration of Santander's mission or values, whether these matched or contradicted our values, whether Santander had any long-term commitment to helping humans or the environment, and so on. Subconsciously, we knew if we looked closely at this, Santander's banking practices may not be aligned with our values as an organisation or be morally aligned to our staff's personal views. This always felt problematic. 

We are not going to make massive changes to the banking system in what we do; however, it felt right to find something different. After a very long-winded process of form filling, checks and references, we secured a new account with CAF Bank. 

Owned and operated by a charity, CAF Bank is a bank for charities and not-for-profit organisations; dedicated to serving the sector and providing banking services where your money is safe and where profits are reinvested in the charity sector. CAF Bank provides simple and straightforward day-to-day banking designed exclusively for charities along with high ethical values and fairness. 

By no way is this a promo shout or a shaming of any particular brands but if you are considering moving your finances to something different then CAF Bank is worth considering. 

Image Credit: Aurielaki


This communication has been written by a neurodivergent person. If you have any trouble with the meaning of any of the sentences or words, please do not be afraid to ask for clarification. We appreciate your accommodation towards specific learning disabilities (*SLD).