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New Journey, New Programme

October - December 2022

The festival is over ... Instead NEoN will be delivering a more caring and sustainable annual programme of exhibitions and events.Autmun programme coming soon.

Seeing Double: Quantum world (un)shaping #3

Paid opportunity for artists to participate in a Sci-fi & fantasy world-building research workshop with artist Libby Heaney Dundee and Glasgow-based artists are invited to participate in a workshop delivered by artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney and organised by NEoN Digital Arts in partnership with Transmission. Libby Heaney will deliver a world-building workshop using

New Approaches

We live in a neoliberal world that requires high productivity in a short period of time, which has the effect of isolating employees and creating work conditions so unrealistic and stressful that burnout is commonplace. This often adversley effects audiences too. For high-quality, fruitful creative experiences, you need time: time for engaging, innovating, experimenting, organising,

Creative workshop with artist Libby Heaney

CALL OUT FOR WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS Seeing Double: Quantum world (un)shaping Sci-fi & fantasy comic-style creative workshop with artist Libby Heaney Young people aged 12 – 16 are invited to take part in a workshop delivered by artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney and organised by NEoN Digital Arts. Libby Heaney will deliver a speculative world-building

Not Totally Digital but …

We thought it was worth mentioning that NEoN Digital Arts has moved banks!! So what? Currently, NEoN is doing its best to clean up its digital act, see our Counter Cloud Project. Alongside this, it was essential in making more conscientious choices regarding our day-to-day processes.  NEoN has banked with Santander since it officially constituted

NEoN Archive

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, we have considered our online presence. Along with considering our ‘Digital

Counter Cloud

How could a digital practice become more ethical? And what does it mean to say “Digitally Ethical”? NEoN invited The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPi) [1] to “audit” their daily computational operations, with a view to imagine other environmental and socially “just” digital practices, as part of a rethinking of their internal

2021 Round-up

It’s already February, can you believe it? We are working on our plans for 2022, however, we thought we would take a moment to reflect on last year’s programme. In 2021, NEoN was hard at work behind the scenes of our Wired Women* programme, which was co-curated and co-produced with Artist/curator Ailie Rutherford. Ailie is

Bread, Roses, Coal, Water and the Ecosexual Position

Galen, a physician in ancient Rome, has been credited in attesting that “bread is food for the body, but flowers are food for the mind.” A version of Galen’s claim became a trade unionist call to action and reflection in the early 20th Century. The assertion that there must be “Bread for all, and roses

CODED BIAS & the Algorithmic Justice League

Back in March 2021, we screened the documentary CODED BIAS, distributed by Women Make Movies. We also had


ALGORITHMIC ENCOUNTERS – SIRI BLACK  MACHINIC PERCEPTIONS – MARION CARRé  AS PART OF THE RESIDENCY: New Form of Togetherness Artists Siri Black and Marion Carré are presenting the outcome of their residency ‘New Forms of Togetherness’ at The Briggait in Glasgow. Considering machine learning systems and real-world experiences, artists Siri Black and Marion Carré will present

Exploring women’s safety online

Taking Space: Digital – exploring women’s safety online 29th November – 17th December 2021  Online & Offline Interactive Exhibition across the city of Dundee  To raise awareness of the worldwide campaign ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’, NEoN Digital Arts and Dundee based theatre company hidden route open an interactive public poster exhibition exploring

Women-lead & Community Owned Digital Space

As part of the outreach programme for this year’s Wired Women festival we began an investigation into community

Interview with Rosana Cade

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself; who are you, and what do you do? Hi! I’m Rosana Cade. I’m an artist based in Glasgow and my work straddles performance, live art, experimental theatre, film, club/cabaret, and activism. I identify as a queer artist. For me queerness is about:  Rebellion! Celebration! Experimentation! Rebelling passionately against

We are open-online|offline

The festival is now underway and we have lots of digital artworks and events for you to enjoy.

Interview with an ecosexual(s)

Life partners and collaborators since 2002, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens work in live art, exhibitions, films, and writing. In this interview, The White Pube get to know them ahead of their inclusion in this year’s NEoN festival. Discussing their contribution, philosophies, and drawing out some advice for artists on how to make their practice