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NEoN Digital Arts 2014

Entering its 6th edition the NEoN festival of Digital Arts asks, how do you ensure your story is remembered in the future? One tactic is to share it more widely. With a theme of FUTUREPROOFING, this year’s festival looks back across the recent history of digital art at the same time as it tries to share its support for digital art production more widely across Dundee. This year’s festival includes exhibitions of work by international artists, screenings, a mini-symposium, artist talks, workshops and closing night party to which you bring your own digital content and projector.

After five years of producing the festival ‘in house’ working with over 50 artists in more than 70 events, this year NEoN has invited guest curators Sarah Cook and Mark Daniels from New Media Scotland, who have in turn invited in other exhibition curators including Nora O’Murchu from the Glitch Festival in Dublin, all of whom have helped share the programme of digital art with other festivals and organisations across the city.

This widening of the team means more people – artists and audiences – can experience the ever-fleeting forms of digital art, and ensure its legacy in their own memories. While we all remember our first mobile phone or game console, do we remember the software we experienced on that hardware – and the creative uses to which they are put?