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Lets have a good conversation about arts

Hello, we are Gabrielle and Zarina from The White Pube. We are really excited to be working with NEoN this year. We wanted to write a little introduction to ourselves and give NEoN’s audience a sketch of how we’ll be working together over the course of 2021.

Based between Liverpool and London, we are two critics whose writing covers exhibitions, video games, books and food. We also write more broadly about the creative industries, the conditions of labour, and how we might all work together to create a fairer and more accessible art world. We have been writing about these subjects on since 2015. Mostly our writing has been a bit knock-a-door-dash in the sense we write and never hear back from the subject we’ve just spent time thinking about. As the years have gone on, we’ve found ourselves wanting to pull a seat up at the table and have a good conversation about arts activity — we want to speak directly with the people and the subjects we write about. And so, it is very exciting for us to be invited by NEoN to do exactly that for their programme this year.

We are going to be writing responses on the different public outcomes of the Wired Women programme. This will be an opportunity for us to think out loud about the subjects it brings up in terms of technology, access, and imaginative alternatives to the current systems we operate within. But aside from that writing, we are also interested in doing some work behind the scenes in order to examine the festival itself. We will publish more on this as it comes together, but this is a great chance for us to look at an organisation up close while it is in the midst of an important year of research and development. How is it functioning? What does it offer? Is it useful? Could it be better? We hope we can help NEoN think through some of these questions (and more) in order to self-reflect and even maybe adapt going forward.

Thank you to NEoN for this invitation and we will publish more soon.

Gabrielle and Zarina 


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