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International Trans*feminist Digital Depletion Strike

Wednesday 08 March 2023

The general concept (WIP):

On the 8th of March 2023, we call for a Counter Cloud Action Day, asking institutions, their partners, audience, funders and supporters to make an effort to withhold from using any cloud-based applications for that day. The plan is to take care of descent and dissent from the cloud whilst partying in the ruins of Big Tech depletion. 

The strike calls for a hyperscaledown of extractive digital services and a hyper-scale up of collective organising to centre slow trans★feminist and queer server practices, including storage, videoconferencing, collaborative working, low-power graphics, and related practices within the field of (digital) art practices and community organising.

On the 8th of March, collectives and organisations committed to trans★feminist  technology will propose local modes of Counter Cloud Action. On this day, we will document the depletion of community resources by Big Tech infrastructure to understand the privilege to protest and how protest expresses an ability to imagine different possibilities for organising across scales for collective life after the cloud. 

We will dream up alternative survival methods, imagine local networks for collaborative authoring, and transnational modes for communicating otherwise. We will hold an initial meeting at Transmediale in February to plan the strike actions and together compose strike songs, poetry, and slogans to be performed as part of the upcoming annual trans★feminist strike.

The words "Dreaming in The Ruins of Big Tech" written in the style of graffiti that has been spray painted.

The strike is a proposal developed by NEoN and TITiPI as part of the Counter Cloud Action Plan

Image Credits: TITiPI & NEoN