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Extended Deadline Indeterminacy / Share Commission

In response to the current global crisis we have decided to extend the submission deadline for the Indeterminacy / Share Commission to the 20th May 2020. 

This year, NEoN is collaborating with The Indeterminacy Project, DJCAD, University of Dundee, to support a series of projects by emerging digital artists. We are seeking to commission artists at the first stages of their career (regardless of age) whose works engage with any aspect of the project theme of indeterminacy and NEoN 2020 festival’s theme of Share, Share Alike.

Successful applicants will be offered a fee of £500 (to cover all production costs and materials) and will be featured during the festival at NOMAS Projects, a publicly accessible window exhibition space.

Submission Requirements

We seek project proposals that suggest connections and commonalities between sharing and indeterminacy. We casually use the word ‘share’ to describe distributing images, stories and info across social media networks, but what responsibilities come with sharing resources today? Can digital tools help us understand our collective needs and make better, fairer choices? Sharing suggests ownership, and yet inclusivity, generosity, accessibility, and holding in common. Indeterminancy designates the interplay of design and chance, system and impulse, repeatability and irreversibility. Indeterminacy is a vibrant dynamic of change.

Proposals can address but are not limited to the role of error and excess in cultural memory; erasure as tracing (every form of erasure leaves a trace in the world, analogue or digital); multiple temporalities and their relationship to media archaeology (e.g. photography, film, analogue video, digital art); computers as inherently re-iterative, indeterminate and connected machines.


Please use the Google form to submit a single PDF document including:

  • 500 word written proposal
  • portfolio (with a maximum of 10 images, website links and/or links to video)
  • 2-page Bio/CV

Deadline: 20th of May, 2020
Awards Announced: 15th of June, 2020
Projects Completed: 1st of October, 2020