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Satellite Map & Google Street View locations to explore during ‘Gare Loch Duality and the #UndesiredLine’

Film timing : External link

01:26 betOnest artist residency, Stolpe/Oder. Satellite map only, no Google Street View there.

11:17 Like many historical war maps, the satellite view of Faslane and Coulport has been altered.


Google Street Views of sound clip locations 

12:02 Wind in the shore trees carries bank holiday beats from the Peace Camp.

12:16 Near Westburn water, it is strange to hear playground sounds.

12:42 The “Evening Colours” ceremony echos through the fence.

13:06 But the sheep have the best view from the hill.

13:23 Under towering Scots Pines, at Linnburn water, slow drive by from military police crew.

13:49 Bewildered owls gossip about the night-time military exercise.


Extra Google Street View locations & MoD land ownership boundary map 

Google Street View. Before electrified adornment, a piece of history, the fence from 2016. The front gate to cross the #UndesiredLine.

Google Street View. View from the other side of the #UndesiredLine. This is a historical archive view from 2011 across the loch.

Map of the Ministry of Defence land ownership boundary map for Garelochhead, Coulport, Glen Douglas & Faslane, Who Owns Scotland website.


#UNDESIREDLINE locations Downloadable PDF