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Geocaching Competition

What’s it all about?

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced geocacher or a complete novice; geocaching is for you! All you need to embark on your geocaching quest is a smartphone or GPS enabled device and a sense of adventure.

The NEoN team have hidden 10 caches around Dundee for you to find, if you manage to find all 10 caches your name will be entered into a raffle for a couple of pretty special prizes!

There are a number of ways you can search for the caches. The map app on your iPhone will allow you to put the coordinates listed below into the directions function which can be used to guide you to the caches. There are also a number of apps which can be downloaded to your phone to help you seek the cache such as:

Each cache is a clip-lock box containing a logbook and some small items for successful seekers. Please only take one item per cache. When you have found the cache be sure to record your visit in the cache logbook and replace the cache exactly as you found it.

Your name will not be put into the prize draw unless you have visited every cache and recorded your details (name, date and time).

To complete your competition entry you are required to take a photo of yourself at The Law and email it to us at [email protected] – the more original the better! We will post the best photos on our Facebook, Twitter and Website so get creative!

Remember-don’t let muggles (non-geocachers) find out what you are up to!

Questions or queries? Email: [email protected]

Happy Caching!

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds for hints and tips!

Twitter: @weareneon

NEoN 11 Caches:

Remember: Co-ordinates are accurate to about 10m so you have to hunt!

1.    Cache Me If You Can
N 56° 27.196 W 002° 59.037

2.    Party in the Car Park!
N56° 27.360 W002° 58.456

3.    NEoN11 Perth Road
N56° 27.378 W002° 58.859

4.    NEoN11 Magdalen Green
N56° 27.139 W002° 59.319

5.    NEoN11 at Magdalen Green 2
N56° 27.266 W003°00.052

6.    NEoN11 at Tay Square
N56° 27.469 W002° 58.561

7.    NEoN11 at Abertay
N56° 27.790 W002° 58.537

8.    NEoN11 at Discovery!
N56° 27.364 W002° 58.163

9.    NEoN11 at The Law
N56° 28.148 W002° 59.345

10.    NEoN11 at The Law 2
N56° 28.202 W002° 59.320