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Given to Chance: Indeterminacy/Share Commission

NEoN Digital Arts is collaborating with the AHRC funded research project The Future of Indeterminacy: Datification, Memory, Bio-Politics, DJCAD, University of Dundee, and Nomas in central Dundee to host an exhibition featuring five commissioned artworks that suggest connections and commonalities between sharing and indeterminacy. We casually use the word ‘share’ to describe distributing images, stories

The NEoN Volunteers

One of the most important parts of NEoN are the volunteers who are at the festival day-in and day-out making sure everything goes according to plan! Having received the ‘Volunteer Friendly‘ award from Volunteer Dundee, the festival is more than just work experience, it’s a chance for volunteers to gain insight and connections into a

NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017

We have reached the end of NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017, a programme full of thought-provoking exhibitions, exhilarating performances, one-of-a-kind workshops and much more! All of these unique experiences were tied together by the theme of Media Archeology, so we can’t help but imagine how we will be looking back this year’s happenings… So, here’s

Future Artifacts: Find Them in the McManus!

This year has marked the 150-year anniversary of The McManus, the art gallery & museum which has been an intrinsic part of Dundee’s cultural fabric since its opening. Amongst many other exhibitions and events designed to celebrate the life and impact of the Museum, ‘Future Artifacts’ promises to be both a unique and active exhibition,

Thanks to our volunteers!

The success of NEoN festivals come down to 2 things. Firstly – the thought-provoking installations which highlight digital art from across the globe, secondly – the amazing assistance and dedication that volunteers put into the festival. We could not have the success that we do without their help. Each year, NEoN take on a number

Eyes down and tap back in time to 1936 with Atmosphere

Members of the public are invited to step inside the city’s former “Cathedral of Motion Pictures” Green’s Playhouse to watch Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s ‘Broadway Melody of 1936’ as the silver screen returns to the site for one night only at 8:30pm on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 for a special free event. The screening is a collaboration between