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A message from NEoN 

There is no irony in saying that 2020 has brought real clarity of vision about what kind of world we want to live in – about who and what matters, about how we can work together and what we can do, and how that change can and must be made. With this in mind, NEoN is pressing pause on this year's Digital Arts Festival in November; instead, we will look to programme a number of pop-up projects to be delivered over the winter/spring months and will look for new and inclusive ways of working to better support the local and wider creative sector.

For the remainder of 2020 we will be focusing on NEoN's pop up programme, with the aim of reconsidering our place and purpose as an organisation; a time to take positive, meaningful action. We will redesign our programme, policies and framework and rethink ways in which communities and people with diverse lived-experiences can meaningfully engage in the governance and programming of NEoN. Our aim is for NEoN to be more responsive to, and supportive of, diverse grassroots artists, groups and communities.

Working in partnership with artists and other appropriate stakeholders, we will interrogate our normative operations and make any necessary changes. In particular, we will make changes to better define and reflect our equality, diversity and inclusion goals.

NEoN is very excited to embark upon a new chapter and find creative solutions in this period of transition. We will embrace the artistic practice and continue to use our organisation and its platforms to explore and commission new and exciting digital and technology-driven art forms.

Best Wishes from the NEoN Staff and trustees