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The Space You’re In

Pop Up Dates: 26th–28th May 2016
Where: Wellgate Shopping Centre


Image: Jordan Geiger, Day For Night. Inflatable installation in a vacant retail space, San Jose

Thursday 26th 2016 | 12pm Talks | 1pm – 4pm drop in screening programme

Friday 17th May | 12pm Talks | 1pm – 4pm drop in screening programme

Saturday 27th May| 12pm – 4pm | Talk & screening with Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

NEoN was very pleased to be part of this years Ignite programme. We presented a playful look at the visible and invisible layers of our architectural space in the context of Dundee’s changing landscape. Housed in an inflatable structure in a vacant shop unit in the Wellgate Shopping Centre, our curated programme of talks and films explored the physical and virtual space that increasingly influences our perception of the city and the spatial environment. Inspired by the work of architect/designer Jordan Geiger, who joined us from New York, our inflatable ‘data cloud’ was the site of artist’s impressions of the built environment, reports on claiming back urban space, and views on the materials which make up our surroundings. People dropped in to hear talks about inflatables, smart cities, rebuilding monuments and saving architectural legacies.

Featured: Jordan Geiger, Drew Hemment, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich, Jon Rogers, Jelena Stankovic, Aristofanis Soulikias, Jeff Desom, Elizabeth Lo, Alistair Oldham, Matt McCormick and others.

Full programme Here

Supported by Creative Scotland and Ignite Sparks