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Festival Information

Highlights, News
Visitor information – Accessibility, Getting to and about Dundee. Including our COVID precautions.

Under the theme ‘Wired Women*’, NEoNs annual festival will look to address the digital gender divide and highlight the contribution of female and nonbinary artists in shaping the digital and technology-driven arts sector. Its 4-day festival will be a hybrid mix of online and physical exhibitions, interventions, performances and talks celebrating new and past works by women and nonbinary artists.

Assuming the Ecosexual Position

Exhibition, Highlights
Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

A series of digital collages titled Assuming the Ecosexual Position by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle.

Sharing Not Hoarding

Slessor Garden, Dundee, DD1 3RS

Monday 1 - 30 November, open 24/7

Please be aware this is an outdoor exhibition. There are drop-curbs and the ground and paving are level.

Water Makes us Wet with Q&A

Highlights, Screening
Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

“Water Makes US Wet” a poetic blend of curiosity, humour, sensuality and concern, this film chronicles the pleasures and politics of H2O from an ecosexual perspective. Followed by live Q&A.

Online Festival Platform

Screening -  1 November 2021, 6 pm - 7.30 pm 

Q&A - 1 November 2021, 7.45 pm - 8.45 pm 

This event is online. The film will have closed captions. This talk will be live-captioned.

Gathering Multitudes: A Bag of Stars

Gaming, Highlights
Padmini Ray Murray

An interactive environment centred on the idea of data trust and data commons using the garden or seed bank as a metaphor.

Online Festival Platform

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 13 November 2021

E-motion, beta version

Exhibition, Gaming, Highlights
Fannie Sosa

Fannie Sosa is creating a new digital consciousness for the WIG. Answering questions that people might have about inviting artists of colour to a white institution.

Online Festival Platform

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 13 November, 24/7

This work will have have closed captions.


Exhibition, Highlights, Installation
Camille Baker

Camille Baker will present her new work INTER/her, a new multi-sensory, immersive art installation. The work explores the psychological issues of womanhood and the sense of self.

Overgate Shopping Centre

Dundee DD1 1UQ

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 13 November, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Overgate Centre

The artist will be available to provide on-site guidance.

Walking: Holding & Online Discussion

Highlights, Screening, Talks/Panel
Rosana Cade & Invited Guests

Rosana Cade will be presenting the creative documentary ‘Walking:Holding’, which is a response to their acclaimed participatory performance of the same name.

Online Festival Platform & Steps Theatre

Central Library, The Wellgate, DD1 1DB

Saturday 13th November, 2:00pm-4:00pm

The film will have closed captioning and an audio description track
The in-person event will have closed captioning, BSL and Audio Description.