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Find out more about NEoNs online projects:
GARE LOCH DUALITY AND THE #UNDESIREDLINE (2020) - In collaboration with Regional STARTS Centers,NEoN presented the work of artist B.D.Owens within the Kepler Gardens – Ars Electronica’s new hybrid festival venue for 2020.

"Sous Le Web, La Plage"  (2019) - Echoing the famous call-to-arms of the ‘68 protest movements, this online exhibition explores how art can continue to inspire change ‘IRL’ (in real life) from the immaterial spheres of digital media and the web. Curated by Martin Zeilinger. 

We Need Us (2014 – Ongoing) - We Need Us, by Julie Freeman, is a living artwork, shaped by people and data. It is a real-time online artwork that explores the life of data. Unlike traditional data-visualisation which helps us make sense of information in large data sets, We Need Us investigates the unique properties of data as a whole. New data compositions commissioned by NEoN for the 2018 Festival. 

The Endless Forest (2018) - Tale of Tales (BE), Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn,  met online in the romantic age of cyberspace. Separated by an ocean they created applications that allowed them to touch among the wires. With the support of more than 700 backers including NEoN, Samyn and Harvey have remade The Endless Forest so that it can live another decade and provide a new generation of players with a joyful haven in cyberspace. 

The Gathering Cloud (2017) - a hybrid print and web-based work by J. R. Carpenter. This work aims to address the environmental impact of so-called ‘cloud’ computing through the oblique strategy of calling attention to the materiality of the clouds in the sky. 

Clickmine (2018) - Proposed by S Friend in response to The CryptoDetectorist – hoards, coins and trades call for proposals from Furtherfield and NEoN. Clickmine is a hyperinflationary ERC-20 token that is minted by a clicking game. Clickmine moves similar mechanics onto the blockchain, in a hypercapitalist frenzy that makes the generation of useless wealth via clicking more literal than ever before. 

Para-site-seeing (2018) - A travel blogging portal for the Leishmania parasite, created by Jen Southern and Rod Dillon and co-commissioned with NEoN and the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research. Through the portal multiple narratives unfold, as parasites blog, tweet, insta and vlog their way around the world, tracing their lives in the wild, as experimental subjects in labs, transforming themselves on board sandflies as vehicles for multi-species encounters. 

The Space You’re In (IMAGE MACRO GENERATOR), (2016) - For our pop up event The Spaces We’re In we created our own meme generator, showing image macros, or Internet memes – funny or playful combinations of text and image, which widely circulate on the web. 

NEoN Haiku (2015) - Inspired by the New York Times Haiku project, and developed locally by Albert Elwin using open source software, NEoN’s HaikuBot generates haiku by trawling through news stories in The Courier online.

Image Credit: The Gathering Cloud by J. R. Carpenter (2016)