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Future Artifacts: Find Them in the McManus!

This year has marked the 150-year anniversary of The McManus, the art gallery & museum which has been an intrinsic part of Dundee’s cultural fabric since its opening. Amongst many other exhibitions and events designed to celebrate the life and impact of the Museum, ‘Future Artifacts’ promises to be both a unique and active exhibition, as well as a great opportunity discover hidden corners of the McManus.

As part of this year’s NEoN Digital Arts Festival, we are partnering up with McManus to bring you ‘Future Artifacts’; an exhibition-intervention spread all around the museum. Just like following a treasure trail, you will be able to find works by internationally renowned artists in unconventional spots like hallways and stairwells as well as galleries.

The theme of future artifacts explores the kinds of objects our age will be remembered, and maybe even discovered, for. It asks the question: “Which of today’s objects will tell our history to future historians?”. Displaying on this exploratory exhibition is: Gabriel Menotti (Brazil), Scott Kildall (USA), Roel Roscam Abbing (Netherlands), Thomson & Craighead (UK), Nedyalka Panova (Bulgaria).

Come along to the McManus Mon-Sat (10am-5pm) or Sun (12:30-4:30) to explore & hunt for the artifacts. Head to the Mills Observatory for a bonus artifact, open on Mon-Fri (4pm-10pm) and Sat-Sun (12:30-4pm).

From NEoN, we’d like to send out a big thanks to Leisure & Culture Dundee and the McManus, without which this fascinating new exhibition would not have been arranged.