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A Sneak Peek into the World of NEoN 12


The countdown is on…the NEoN 12 rocket will blast off in a matter of weeks! Our programme of events will set the cold November nights of Dundee alight with the twinkle of our glittering programme of events and activities. We will release the full programme very soon but thought we would give you a sneak peek of what we have been working hard on all year … the NEoN 12 Festival programme!

Those of you already familiar with the enigma that is NEoN will know that a theme is chosen for each festival and this year is no different. This year we have chosen ‘Movement: Across the Physical and Virtual’. In the digital age audiences can roam in ways we could never have imaged a few years ago. Through desktops and virtualised applications NEoN will investigate, encourage and explore the idea of movement between the physical and the virtual – woah!

So let’s get down to business and tell you what we have in store…


Jaygo Bloom

City Wide, 4th – 10th November 2012

Bringing art to the smart phone, Jaygo has created 10 new works that visitors to Dundee will be able to navigate in real time. The artworks use image recognition markers which will be placed in special places all around the city to encourage discussion about all things relating to augmented reality.


Peter William Holden

Hannah Maclure Centre, Opening on 9th November 2012 from 7pm

Peter is well known for his kinetic sculptures, which perform choreographed routines. Fascinated with moving imagery and transforming ordinary everyday objects into something extra ordinary, dance often plays a significant role in Peter’s work.


Matthew Collins and Erik Parr

Nilupul Foundation

5th – 10th November 2012

Times to be announced

Created especially for the Nilupul Centre, ‘Heatbeater’ is a fully interactive audio-visual art installation, bringing together digital technology with the ancient techniques of mindful movement and meditation. Focussing on the human body, movement will allow viewers to manipulate the sound around them.


Catrin Jeans

Hannah Maclure Centre Cinema

4th – 11th November 2012

Film & Installation running 10am – 4:30pm

Live Performance 5th November  8.30pm

0800-GIRL-DRMZ bring together mainstream pop trash and celebrity culture. Throughout a three week residency, 0800-GIRL-DRMZ will produce, direct and star in their own TV programme along with creating merchandise, setting up a pop-up shop and creating adverts and branding for their own products.

100,000 Lux

University of Abertay, Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games

7th November 6:30pm-7:30pm

100,00 Lux is a fusion of science, visual art and sound design which will transform the exterior of the University of Abertay’s Centre for Excellence building into a mesmerising display of LED lights and generative audio. The light and sound spectacular is created by data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. 100,000 Lux is the first ever collaboration between the NEoN Digital Arts and Dundee Science Festivals and will be realised by staff and students from both of Dundee’s Universities.

And so the crazy beautiful world of NEoN 12 is being brought to life. We hope you have liked what you have read so far. Stand by as we will have even more to announce over the coming weeks – we cannot wait!

* This information is true on the day of publishing but is subject to change at any time, please check back for changes and updates.