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2019 Programme:

Transient Vessels

Kyle T. McKelvie

‘There are no characters, only patterns of action.’

We are experiential beings, in whatever reality we inhabit. Our character is a set of actions. Group workshop exploring the fundamentals of avatar creation. Who we are. Why we do what we do. How we optimise playing and engaging. Openly conversation and practical investigation of how we full embody the self in our environment. What it means to jam culture. What it means to let culture flow through us. What is our responsibility as Transient Vessels?

During this workshop an open group meet with the intention of honing their avatar expression through workshopping, talks, and public interventions. Collective character creation. Exploring the impact and importance of cross-game dynamics, aware technologies, and the portability of core values.

Session 1- 10am

Session 2- 1pm

About the Artist 
Kyle T. McKelvie is a multidisciplinary artist exploring awareness through sonic-art, video-installation, and game creation. With an interest in moral philosophy, game theory, and contextual resonance, his works are often site-specific, looking at how we perceive and interact with existence.

Projects include the video-installation “S.S. World Head Law” at Vector Arts Festival in Toronto; the augmented performance work, Edward Shallow; and the site specific work, ‘We Are Lost’, in the abandoned textile museum in Crimmitschau, Germany, amongst the Atomino Arts Festival. He has created work as an actor, musician, and producer with the collaborative production company, ‘’, seeing works presented at Sundance, Berlin, and Cannes International Film Festival.

Recent years, his practices include yoga, meditation, the use of sensory deprivation tanks, cold water immersion, and holotropic breathwork. These techniques and modalities have led to creation of ‘Knowing the Self’, a series of workshops on the mind, optimising our consciousness, and how to navigate awareness in all areas of our expression.


Free, no ticket required just drop-in

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