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2019 Programme:


Jamie Brannan, Robert Meek, Daniel Boyd, and Angelo Paonessa

Dundee based Artists and Game Designers Jamie Brennan, Robert Meek, Daniel Boyd, and Angelo Paonessa, challenge us to help a young girl to navigate a ravaged world in search of her lost brother.

This Burnt Earth is a Narrative-led Role Playing Game (RPG) adventure where you play as a young girl name Eiladh on a mission to find her lost brother. The game takes place in the dystopian Scottish town of Tannoch Brae in the year 2069, by which time climate change has ravaged the environment and mass flooding has caused chaos and poverty across the world. Throughout her adventure, Eiladh will meet a colourful cast of characters, and learn about how climate change has transformed their lives, and the lengths that they have to go through just to survive.

Presented here are three images from the game environment. This Burnt Earth was developed during this years Summer Of Games, and showcased at University of Abertay’s first ever Summer Videogames Show on, showcasing the work of their postgraduate students from the MProf Games Development course.

About the Artists and Designers
Jamie Brannan – is a game & level designer, MProf Games Development graduate and BAFTA Prince William Scholar 2018/19. 

Robert Meek – a Masters of Game Development Graduate. Game Designer and QA Engineer and starting out in his gaming career.

Daniel Boyd – is a MProf graduate in Games Development at Abertay University. Programming is his passion for over 5 years. He is currently working on many side projects whilst looking for his first industry job.

Angelo Paonessa – Graduate Game Programmer at Firesprite Games. He is passionate game programmer and designer, currently studying MProf Games Development at the University of Abertay.


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